Basil - Basket - Darcy L, Varnished Natural

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The Basil Darcy L is ideal for those who want the perfect blend of function and style. This rattan bicycle basket is extra wide and designed to fit at the front of your bicycle, ensuring all your essentials are within easy reach. No matter what you’ve got planned, this trendy basket is your constant companion and more than delivers when it comes to storage as you cycle. Made from authentic rattan, this basket boasts a slick brown finish, giving it a more contemporary edge that’ll blend effortlessly with all manner of bike frames. This basket can be easily mounted onto the front of your frame without much effort. What’s more, with an internal capacity of 35 liters, there is plenty of space for all your essentials and then some, making it an ideal choice if you’re intending to shop or load up on goodies while you’re out of the house.


  • Attach this basket firmly to your bike with the help of the sturdy leather straps.
  • A generous capacity of 35 liters makes this ideal for picnics in the park or big shopping trips.
  • Handwoven rattan fabric gives this basket a natural look.
  • W 16 x D 13 x H 13 inches
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