Brompton - Bike - P line Explore, 12 speed, M type, Pop Lilac

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The 12-speed P-line checks in at 23.1 pounds, 1.5 pounds lighter than all-steel equivalents, allowing easy transportation and agile riding. City exploration should be fun and smooth, which the P Line Explore - 12 Speed model guarantees.

Features that facilitate this include the responsive suspension block, shock-absorbing titanium frame, and the 12-speed gearing system to ensure a comfortable ride at any speed. In addition, the intelligently engineered gears offer 402% range, crafted to take on any adventure.

Finished with the signature Brompton stunning design, this elegant yet powerful model showcases that strength can be found in even the most refined of moments. Allowing you to enjoy a speedy ride and handy for built-up areas, the P Line Explore - 12 Speed epitomizes mindful moments.


P-line features



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