Brompton - Bike - P Line Urban M4L-X, TiBK, M Handlebar, Fizik R7 Saddle, Midnight Black Metallic

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Weighing 4 lbs less than the equivalent all-steel model, P Line is lightweight performance, folded and unfolded. This meticulously engineered machine thrives on city roads with its titanium rear frame and forks and the all-new suspension block. Next-level components and enhanced portability features make it faster to ride, lighter to carry and easier to move around the city in every way.



Drivetrain: Brompton 4 speed drive train, 163% range
Main Frame: Precision drawn heat-treated steel tubing with hand brazing
Rear frame: Superlight Advance rear frame made from Titanium with a replaceable hanger
Fork: Titanium fork with a threaded headset
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