Brompton - Book, Engineering for Change

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Discover the story of how Brompton grew from a small company to become one of the biggest cycling brand names in the world, The Brompton - Engineering for Change is a gripping story about how this great British brand built a bike like no other, the Brompton Bicycle.

This book, reveals the company's essence, values, and journey while designing a brilliant bike that can go anywhere and fits anywhere too. The folks behind Brompton want every rider to be inspired by life’s possibilities, to explore, be spontaneous and independent when traveling.

From the introduction - this is the story of the Brompton bicycle, and the company that made it. The story of the people who built the company and how and why they did what they did. It's a story about brazing, and titanium, and distributor networks and management buyouts and paint inspection. The Brompton isn't the only folding bike in the world and it wasn't the first ... But Brompton's vision, quite simply, is the desire to change people's lives.

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